Messages From the Word

Pastor Ray and Sonya Nix

  "Much, Much More"

  "Why Do Christians Have Problems?"

   "Can God? God Can!"

 "Alive--But Dead'

    "A Great Light in a Dark World"

   "Ezekiel's Call"

  "What Causes Revival?"

 "How To Live A Spirit-Controlled Life"

 "There Is A Difference"

 "A Deaf Man Is Healed"

"Those Things"

 "Worship Him"

 "Is Life Fair?--Of Course Not!"

 "Where Are You?"

"It's Time For A Change"

 "Sincere Believers"

 "Going For A Walk"

"We Have A Cause (part 1)"

 "We Have A Cause (part 2)"

 "Sharing and Bearing"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit-Love"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy (part 1)"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy (part 2)"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy (part 3)"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit-Peace"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit - Longsuffering"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit - Longsuffering--Part 2"

"The Fruit of the Spirit-Gentleness and Goodness"

 "The Fruit of the Spirit-Gentleness and Goodness--Part 2"

 "Wells of Joy--The Fruit of Joy"






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