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An Excellent Study of Divine Healing

This is an excellent study on the principles of Divine Healing.  We are grateful to the author for allowing us to present this study on our website.  Please click on the the link above and begin your study.  Be sure to have your Bible and pen and paper at your side.  God Bless.

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Jesus Banner Exchange
Jesus Banner Exchange

You May Now Donate to Praise Christ Ministries/Praise Christ dot Net with Your Personal Check by E-Mail

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Click on the Qchex banner to set up your free Qchex account. It only takes seconds, and you just need to provide your name, email address and password to sign up. After you have set up your Qchex account, click on the "Send Checks" link. Please have a check from your bank account in front of you to enter your bank account details into the Qchex account setup wizard. Next, enter in the following check details:

• Payee Email = Pastor@PraiseChrist.net
• Payee Name = Praise Christ Ministries
• Amount = Enter number, no "$" sign (This is the amount of your donation).
• Reference = donation
• Memo = Tax-deductible contribution

Note: To use Qchex you must have a checking account that follows US banking regulations.

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