Third Level Domains

You can have your own domain and save $$$

As you know, millions of domain names have already been registered, limiting your choices. Now you can finally have a special domain name for your church or ministry.

A Third Level Domain solves many problems. It allows you to have a special address for your web site. Here is how it works.

A Third Level Domain is one that is offered to you by someone who already has a domain name that suits your needs. We are offering third level domain names under our name.

If your current Internet address is

Your new Internet address could easily be


It is easy to get started with your new Internet presence. The expense is extremely low and the rewards are great. For as low as $6 per month, you or your church can finally have the distinction of having a domain on the Internet.  That's only $6 per month!  PLUS you save the additional yearly expense of registering a domain name with the Internic.

We offer many options to help you maintain your web site. We offer FTP, FrontPage and also Trio. Trio is a new program that allows people to create and maintain a web site using just a browser. Every member of the church can now participate in your Internet ministry.   Visit a Demo Site created with Trio.  This is set up as a Third Level Domain.

Remember, even Third Level Domain names are going fast.

We also offer hosting for those who already have a domain name, or will have one in the future.

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Remember: With a 3rd level domain you save $70 Internic registration fees.
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